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Energy, Carbon & Water

Management made Simple

About Us

Energy, Carbon & Water management made simple

All over the world energy markets are transforming. The generation mix is changing, the grid is decentralizing, and the demand profile is shifting. Energy management has become a complex activity requiring significant specialist knowledge and capability.

It is rare for businesses in todays’ environment to have all the internal resources available with the specialist skill sets to effectively manage the costs and risks associated with their energy needs.

UCMS Group provides a strategic framework for effective energy management, fact based with real time data and analytics. We develop and implement energy, carbon and cost saving initiatives for your business, using various finance options, state of the art data capture and analytics and adopting (IPMVP®) best-practice for quantifying the results of energy efficiency investments and the increase of investment in energy and water efficiency, demand management and renewable energy projects.

We provide the technical capacity to industry to drive sustainability, increase efficiency, slash costs all whilst reducing carbon emissions. More critical, we support project implementations with accredited CMVP practitioners, experienced project managers, licensed installation and maintenance technicians and electrical and mechanical engineering support to ensure your costs, financial and emissions targets, are realised.

Our Services

UCMS Group provide expert energy, water and carbon management support utilising proven systems and processes, together with a hands on personalised approach to help business take control of their energy and water use, reduce waste and significantly reduce unecessary costs.

Energy Management

Is more than just obtaining cheaper energy rates or installing solar! It is about analysing where, when and how you consume energy and developing fact based insights on the quantity, quality and timing of the energy that is consumed. Such insights underpin strategies on how your organisation can benefit from managing your energy use in the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner. We deliver a full end to end capability from strategy through to implementation service.

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Energy Measurement, Analysis and Verification

Submetering, machine learning and data analytics provides valuable insights into managing efficient energy and water usage in real time. It places critical information at your fingertips for informed and accurate decision making, evaluation and reporting on energy costs, carbon emissions and asset performance.

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Portfolio, Risk and Compliance Management

Effective energy supply, reliability and cost management are a function of risk management. Taking a proactive approach to managing your energy supply puts you in the driving seat. We can provide the necessary support required for effective risk management across your entire energy portfolio.

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Energy Efficiency

Ensuring your plant and equipment operate as cost efficiently as possible is critical to ensuring cost and carbon reductions for your business. Finetuning and replacing inefficient assets and processes to achieve whole of life cost reductions will significantly reduce energy wastage, improve asset performance and reduce ongoing operational costs for your business.

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Substituting fossil fuel sourced energy with renewable energy such as solar, biogen, hydro and battery storage can significantly reduce your energy costs, improve supply reliability and mitigate your carbon emissions. We assist business to source the optimum energy solution.

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Project Management, Energy Contracting and Field Services Support

Defining a strategy for reducing energy costs, wastage and carbon emissions is a critical first step, however it is only as effective as its implementation. We provide project management, contracting services (electrical and mechanical) and ongoing field services to ensure your energy strategy is implemented and managed on an ongoing manner by experienced energy professionals.

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