Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

UCMS believe that effective energy management begins with a sound energy plan. One of the components of a sound energy plan is utilising renewable energy such as solar and battery storage as alternative clean energy sources.

UCMS can undertake a feasibility assessment to ensure the right system is specifically designed for your needs. We can deliver an end to end solution allowing you to receive the best:

  • System design and implementation
  • Battery storage design and implementation
  • Remote and portable systems – off-grid Solar; Solar pumping; UPS and Diesel generation systems.
  • In-house CEC accredited design and installers
  • Engineering certified

As a UCMS customer we can also offer a range of customised finance packages for your energy program including PPA’s; Environmental Upgrade Finance; Emission reduction funds finance to ensure your project delivers exceptional return on capital without impacting your cash flow.

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If you are looking to transition to renewable energy, contact us for an independent assessment of what you really need.