Energy Measurement, Analysis and Verification

Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Real Time Decision Making.

‘RAMP’ Machine Learning Manages What You Measure

 ‘RAMP’ is a machine learning, data analytics platform that provides valuable insights into managing efficient energy and water usage, reducing costs and carbon emissions.

‘RAMP’ provides real time energy data, projection and savings, IPMVP Measurement and Verification analysis, tariff analysis, energy performance assessment and real time reporting and much more.

‘RAMP’ integrates with existing VSD, SCADA or solar management platforms and integrates data feeds from submeter and data loggers using cloud technology to manage in real time your business data.

Data Analytics

‘RAMP’ Machine learning analytics provides notification of abnormal energy use patterns via automated detection and proactive alerts for better engagement and savings. Expedite response times to unexpected behaviours/patterns through email and SMS notifications.

Identify Costly Equipment and Sites

Allows you to analyse and compare your consumption and associated costs to identify where your money is spent within your organisation. Discover increase/decrease trends over periods and calculate savings with accuracy and provide adjustments where required.

Measurement and Verification

Automated Measurement and Verification of savings provides transparency into the results of energy projects with automated modelling, regression analysis and calculations of energy costs and savings. Set baseline/reporting periods and routine/non routine adjustments and let ramp model your energy use and calculate kWh, $ and tCO2 savings according to IPMPV principles.

Automated Calculations and Condition Simulation

Automate mathematical analysis and calculations. Create formula based meters/graphs by simulating operational and variable conditions across real meters, data points, constants and any numeric value.

Operational Wastage Analysis

Evaluate quick patterns of power consumption and when peak load demand happens. Overnight activity periods of high power activity will guide you to sources of operational wastage and opportunities for additional savings.

Integrate energy, water, gas, solar, temperature and business data and more! And compare usage and relationship between the varying sources and sites. That is widgets produced per kWh energy utilised.

‘RAMP’ incorporates a self learning analytics engine that offers energy management insights at your finger tips. It diagnoses power and water usage so as to alert you with clear and efficient energy savings actions, as soon as a machine or set of appliances are experiencing energy inefficiency.

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