Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency 

A critical component to any energy management program is ensuring your plant and equipment operate as efficiently as possible. Energy efficiency is the first point of call when looking to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Understanding where your energy waste is and mitigating it as a starting point will lower your starting Energy Baseline. A lower baseline will reduce the required capital investment and improve the payback periods for investment on renewable energy generation, battery storage and other carbon abatement activities.

When assessing energy efficiency projects there are a number of factors that require careful consideration. These include:

  • The capital cost of the asset to be upgraded
  • The lifelong operating costs of the asset including running and maintenance costs.
  • The technical performance of the asset
  • The return on your investment ie payback period
  • How the return on investment is measured

We incorporate these elements into our program budgets and to ensure integrity of our program performance we utilise internationally accredited IPMPV measurement and verification principles giving you peace of mind that the forecasted energy savings can be validated.

With this in mind, we’re great at finding some quick wins that can readily establish energy and cost reductions. In many cases these can be supported with government grants and attractive funding options which results in faster payback periods. Some of these options can be undertaken at no cost to your business.

Some key areas where energy efficiency can rapidly reduce costs are:

  • Lighting and motion sensor and light harvesting controls
  • Power factor and power quality analysis
  • Pumping efficiency and motor controls
  • HVAC equipment
  • Compressed air equipment
  • Cool room and refrigeration equipment

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